Rather than working for a business,  business must instead work for us.

Somewhere in our culture we installed the belief that we’re put here on the earth to ‘do’ things, to produce output, to make stuff and to work ourselves to death in the process. What kind of slavery have we created for ourselves? Can you see the madness of it all?

I expect the industrial revolution had something to do with it, once a standardised education system was introduced – one that was designed to produce factory workers. People that could follow the rules and do what they’re told. On one hand creating a reasonable standard of education,  on the other brainwashing entire populations not to think for themselves. And hence we find ourselves in 2020 – flummoxed by the global pandemic situation and not knowing what to think or where to turn.
We have been led astray, to sustain a system which is morally and energetically corrupt.  It is literally draining the life force from billions of people all over the planet – and for what? Progress?

If a corrupt media, habitat destruction, manipulation, and a complete inequality in the financial system is hailed as progress I have significant concerns for the survival of our species. And truth be told, I do have considerable concerns about the survival of our species. Humans seem to be the apex predator that is hell bent on destroying it’s own environment- the one necessary for our very existence.

Take away people and nature and what’s left? Do you think you can eat dollar bills, inhale polluted air and live long and prosper?  What planet are you living on? Newsflash: There is no plan-et B.  We are in a state of emergency and it’s got nothing to do with a microscopic v*rus. It’s time to wake up from the collective amnesia we unconsciously choose. Why are we continuing to hold onto our comfort blanket and pretend everything is ok????

Because to face it would mean finally coming to terms with the lie that’s been perpetuated, and the realisation that you’ve been enslaved all along. Not to mention the feelings of fear and overwhelm that you, as an individual, can do very little in the grand scheme of things.

Now’s the time for us all to wake up
We are all in this mess together.  In fact our collective consciousness created this whole mess, whilst being simultaneously asleep at the wheel and subject to manipulation and control of an elite few in power. Wake up! The world needs you to come to your senses.

It doesn’t matter what’s been happening up until this point. Forgive yourself for the past, you didn’t know any better. You were born into this system of slavery and deception after all. It is however your duty and obligation to take responsibility for your patch of life now that you’ve come to your senses.
You might not feel you can have any impact. That nothing you can do will help.  It’s complete BS. Don’t fool yourself with the excuse that things are too far gone to change it. Everything is fluid. Life changes in a heartbeat. And if yours is still beating, then you have an opportunity to create ripples of change.

What’s driving you forward?
The world needs people who are passionate and driven by something greater than themselves.  Work out what that is for you. What lights your soul on fire? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What makes you cry tears of joy? What could you spend hours doing and the time would pass in the blink of an eye? What to you deeply value and care about?
Start there.

Essentially the planet needs more people to truly come alive. Co-creating from a place of connection and common purpose.  Often we find fulfilment in the things that create community, are inspiring and bring positive change. You can do your part any way you like – begin making those ripples of positive change.

It doesn’t start with someone else, it starts with you and it starts today. We might not get to see tomorrow,  so it’s time to bring your A game and dream a new 20:20 vision.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa x