Why people fear change


One reason we spend so much time ‘busy’ and distracting ourselves is to avoid the truth of what is happening in our lives and the reality of what we have created. 

If we took a moment to slow down, tune in and open our eyes to our surroundings and our creations, we might have a moment to ponder if it is really what we desire or not. In that moment we have a huge opportunity for reflection and revelation, or we can avoid it entirely and continue with being busy. 

The thing that usually pulls us away or out of such contemplation is fear. The discomfort of discomfort, and the squirmy uncomfortable feelings which arise with seeing the truth. 

However, just because we choose to avoid looking, doesn’t mean what exists is not real. We can attempt to avoid reality but eventually it will catch up with us.

I’m recognising that one of the reasons I have resistance to journalling, meditation or any form of contemplative practice is fear – and specifically fear of change. Fear of action, and fear of the truth. 

The irony is that the only antidote to fear is truth. So if you want to live a life in alignment with what you actually want you will need to confront your resistance to truth along the way. If you don’t you will remain stuck. If you do, you’ll actually come to the realisation about what you ACTUALLY want to create and begin the first steps.

Resistance is ultimately the avoidance of feeling. The feeling of whatever the truth reveals. And the actions required in response to such revelations. 

Change isn’t easy but it is the natural consequence of being alive in an ever expanding and evolving universe. Humans were never designed to stand still. 

When you seek the truth, you will simultaneously change. 

If you avoid the truth you will stagnate.

Love wants us to expand and flow. Truth is the antidote to fear. The acceptance of truth helps us grow and mature.


Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo