No really, it’s true. There is such a thing. It’s just not very widely known or understood. In fact it’s often derided, judged or feared.

It seems ironic, when most of society is searching for something so desperately to feel better, fill the gap and take the edge off, that the one thing that will help is shunned.

The pill is something you have at your disposal. It doesn’t come from a pharmacy or doctor. It doesn’t even come from being in nature, although that of course helps.

Firstly let’s just look at our culture, especially in the western world. What do the majority of our problems involve? Stress, anxiety, depression, poor physical health, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer….. the list goes on.

If I told you there were cures for all of these things would you believe me? You’d probably say, but Philippa, how could it be so simple? The human body is so complicated, it’s going wrong all the time…. Nobody has found the cure for {x} what makes you think you can just snap your fingers and know the answer?! How arrogant of you!!!

And here I stand willing to bear the title of ‘arrogant’ or ‘wishful thinker’ because my experience has led me to something completely different. That is understanding the SOUL. The medical profession isn’t interested in that, hence why they will struggle to find a cure – because they’re not even investigating the root cause.

The root cause by the way, is emotion. Unresolved emotion to be exact. How do I know this? From the last 7 years experimenting with breathwork and other modalities which have repeatedly led me back to the same lesson – emotion is key to resolving all physical, mental, spiritual, energetic and emotional issues which manifest for us humans.

​I’ve seen it in myself and witnessed it first hand with clients. The majority of us are so numb (hands up this was me a few years ago) to our bodies and our emotions it feels like we don’t experience them. Or we do but it’s some flavour of ‘it’s ok’ or ‘fine’ with the occasional angry outburst that we mistakenly think we are keeping things ‘on a level’.

No, this is numbness.
Emotionally blocked.
Usually also ‘in our heads’.

Mentally overthinking as a result of the unresolved emotional garbage we are holding onto which is trying to find a way to resolution, if only we could actually feel it!

Anxiety. Depression. Stress. Physical Illness.

All a result of the emotions you don’t want to feel. Because they were the uncomfortable emotions in childhood that were overwhelming and painful. So you created a way to survive, stuffing them below the surface where nobody could see. Most of us don’t want to face the reality of our past. We bury it instead, believing it’s the best thing and that it won’t then harm us anymore.

Unfortunately the soul doesn’t work like that. All that pain is still inside, just now you’re numb. Like you’re walking around with a splinter in your body but you’ve also got an anaesthetic drip fed into you which pumps out the numbing agent when you begin to feel any pain. Over and over again. Treating the effect rather than addressing the cause.

How about instead of numbing out, we take the splinter out instead? Wouldn’t that be a better solution? One that actually addressed the cause in the first place. Hmmm.

This means taking the emotions out – and yes you guessed it – by feeling them. They can only leave the same way that they entered. There is no shortcut. No amount of mental gymnastics and positive affirmations will work in the long term. They might distract you from reality in the short term, but they will not resolve the underlying cause.

So if you’ve read this far and are at least open to what I’m saying, your question is probably ‘well, how?”. The answer will both piss you off and set you free – as the truth often does.
The solution is to feel your feelings. All of them. Every single last one. And if you can’t?

Pray to have the courage that you can. Direct your will to resolving your baggage. Desire change. Your kids, family, colleagues, spouse, and particularly your soul will thank you for it.

Most of us have huge blocks to feeling our emotions, and for good reason. Parents punished you for experiencing and expressing them. Society has shunned it, suggesting that feelings are dirty, inappropriate, shameful, disgusting, uncomfortable, weak, irrelevant and undesired. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your emotions are the key to a healthy and fulfilling life.

All of us are seeking love and connection. How can you expect to experience this if you can’t even feel? You won’t, but you’ll create addictions to fill the gap instead. See anything familiar here?!

Turning away from your emotions is like closing the door on your true self. The one that wants to come out and play. To be real. To connect, and to feel.

Instead, everything you’ve created is just a hollow show for the world to pretend that you’re doing ‘fine’. You’re not. It’s time you were honest about it.

Feeling your emotions is the magic pill to your ills. Do you want it?

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.


​P.S. This is the work I love to do. Breathwork is the fastest way to break through your blocks and find the peace and fulfilment you desire. I have a few spaces to work 1:1 over 3 months – get in touch if you’re curious to know more.