“The river of knowledge has no depth.”

Chinonye J. Chidolue

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Episode 1

"From Corporate Escapee to Breathworker"

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Philippa is the founder of Breathworks, a coach and retreat leader, and travels the world empowering people to use conscious breathing techniques to achieve their greatest potential.

In this episode we talk about:

– standing on a crossroad

– what are the signs of change

– what is breathwork and how can it support your day to day challenges/practice

– Science of breathwork and what it isn’t

Explore with us what conscious leadership is, spiritual awakening, resolving emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, bridging corporate work and wellbeing.

Episode 9

"Releasing Unprocessed Emotional Trauma"

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In this episode “Finding Yourself & Truth through conscious Breathing! Releasing unprocessed Emotional Trauma,” I reconnect with Philippa Wilkin, who I had my first ever incredible breathwork session with 2 years ago.  She is not just a wonderful human being but also the founder of Breathworks and now about to launch her new venture Versicle Global.  She empowers people to breathe the change they wish to see in the world.

We talk about why breathing is so important, how unprocessed emotional trauma (which we all have) reflects in the way we breath and how we can release it through breathwork.

We touch topics such as natural law, victim consciousness and the drama triangle. Philippa shares how our perception creates our limited subjective life experiences and how to transcend through breathing.

How thoughts & emotions relate and how each of us can find purpose and truth. And much more!!

Episode 13

"From Insurance to Transformational Coach"


Philippa shares how a trip to South America planted the seed for a new direction in her life.

Since leaving the corporate world, Philippa has embarked on a wellbeing journey and found Breathwork. This has many benefits such as helping you to relax, sleep better, and increases your energy and focus. On a deeper level, it can act as a therapy for resolving emotions and trauma.

Philippa shares lots of great tips for finding your purpose. One of these is to stop seeing your career and personal life as separate. And to start bringing more of what you enjoy into your life. 

Episode 16

"Tools for Relaxation and Balance"


Philippa talked about her career change journey in episode 13.  I was so intrigued about breathwork that I had to get her back on the show.

Philippa is a transformational coach and helps people reconnect with their true self.  She does this through advanced breathing techniques that help you gain clarity.

In this episode, Philippa kindly shares two short breathwork exercises. The intention is that you can use both of these as a tool for when you need help sleeping or need to focus.

Once you’ve listened to this episode, you can find both exercises in the future by going to the times below:

Exercise 1 –  Background Info – 11:59m

Exercise 1 – ‘4-7-8’ breathing for relaxation and better sleep – 15:45m

Exercise 1 – Tips – 22:39m

Exercise 2 – ‘Box’ breathing for finding focus and improving creativity – 24:19m


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