Let’s talk about the human condition shall we?

Our organism is wired to survive at all costs. When stressful events happen our biology kicks in to protect our life and save us from danger. Fundamentally we have an animal nature. This is not in dispute.

Biologically you’re wired to survive. Psychologically – you have an opportunity to reflect and view your position on death. It would seem that the preoccupation of the human is death. When, how, under what conditions etc will it happen. So much worry and concern about something that may or may not happen, today, tomorrow or whenever.

Here’s the kicker

At some point in time you’re going to die. We ALL are. I appreciate that may be an unsettling thought, but if you have the courage to face it full on, it will actually set you free. You see humans are continually scanning for danger and creating ‘what if’ scenarios – does anyone suffer from anxiety out there? Hands up…. – I thought so. Anxiety is typically a projection into the future, of some unwanted event.

The mind is a helpful ally but a terrible master. What you focus your attention on grows, and what you resist persists. So the fear of death will create, you guessed it, more fear. And then fear of the fear… and then total overwhelm, meltdown, and shutting yourself in isolation wrapped in cotton wool….or whatever else you do in the face of a global pandemic.

Simply because we make the assumption that death is ‘bad’. Certainly nobody wants to bow out before their allotted time, but it’s pointless worrying about ‘when’ that time might come. By all means get your life insurance in place and make arrangements (like i said it will happen one day…) but don’t allow your very existence to be sullied by the continuous babble of the mind that wishes to create all multitude of disaster scenarios to keep itself occupied.

Like I said we make the assumption that death is bad. I expect because we then no longer get to experience this physical existence with our nearest, dearest, pets and lovers. To hold, touch, and taste the sweet nectar of life.

Worrying about nothing?

However let’s be frank – nobody knows what’s on the other side. So why are we making the assumption that it’s a bad thing, or any worse than the current reality in which we co-exist? Depending on your beliefs you may argue the point that the other side IS known. This is a personal view I share, however you are invited to make up your own mind. I don’t believe consciousness is limited to this physical vessel, and this belief is formed from my direct personal experience.

It’s for each of us to determine for ourselves whether the ‘afterlife’ in whatever guise, fits our narrative. In much the same way that a child in the womb does not know what will come next as they enter into this vastly different physical reality, neither do we. The babe is born and enters this realm – one totally alien and new. We forget that we have each had this experience too.

Making the assumption that death is bad limits our ability to experience and enjoy life. If your fear of death is propelling you to live a more wholesome and fulfilling life, and inviting you to go after your dreams – then great! Keep going! However if your rumination on death and it’s inevitable yet undetermined date of arrival is leading you to anxiety and depression, this is an invitation to start living NOW.

Time to take control

It’s never too late. Accept the unacceptable. Face up to the reality. And instead of cowering in the corner waiting for the day when the grim reaper arrives with his cape and scythe, take your life by the horns and do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. You get to choose how you want to live it. Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop? Or are you going to boldly step forward and claim your living?

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa x