Do you know what I’m sick of right now? What annoys me and keeps me awake at night? The thing that frustrates me to the very core of my being? People saying they want things change and then doing absolutely NOTHING about it. When the solution is right in front of them. All they need to do is reach out.

Say YES. And proceed…To creating the life and dreams they TRULY desire. [INSERT HAPPY ENDING HERE…]

But no. This is NOT what happens. Instead they [and most likely you too] are interested for a hot minute, before getting distracted by the next shiny object that’s promising to sedate the nagging pain that’s slowly but surely crushing their soul.

Moving on to the next temporary fix and opportunity to bury their head (and soul) in the proverbial sand. La la la la… everything is fine, nothing to see here….And yet…The knowing is still there.

You can’t hide

The discomfort, the pain, the grief, the lack of self belief. The doubt, worry, fear, anger and whatever remains beneath the surface itching to be acknowledged. The dark shadows that lurk around the edges are out of sight but not out of mind.

You’re on edge. Vigilant. Because any moment now the gremlins might stir… Knock knock….[*cowers in corner – for God’s sake don’t answer the door*] Do you want to know the truth?

You’re scared.

Of what might come up. Of discovering you’re a terrible person underneath it all (not likely btw). Of going to the places that frighten you. Of disappearing into the oblivion of your emotions and getting lost there. Most of all? You’re scared of your GOD DAMN SELF. Of who you ARE beneath and beyond all of your bullsh*t stories.

You’re spooked by the brilliance of your soul.

Let’s not sugar coat it. Doing the work is hard. Do you really want to know one of the reasons I don’t actively promote my work? I’m apprehensive to share this with you for fear that you’ll judge me, but it must be done. Because I don’t believe people are as committed as I am to getting over themselves, sitting in the sh*t and coming out the other side with more power and presence. That people would rather dick about with distractions than actually take the steps to heal their emotional traumas. That nobody cares about showing up for themselves once and for all and reclaiming their power, freedom and sovereignty.

In essence that nobody cares, and that very few people are prepared to do the work it takes.

So why should I even bother?!

Ufffff…. {eye roll emoji} Instead I’ll keep a low profile, NOT share the powerful life changing stuff I know will revolutionise peoples lives, and let everyone carry on the merry business of strangling their own soul. CUE *Insert fingers in ears, don my cape of invisibility and pretend I don’t have an important mission here*


And this is partly correct – few people are prepared to do what it takes. But the rest? That’s just my ego talking and none of it is true. Sometimes people need to hear the message over and over until they finally get it and decide to dig in and put in the hard yards that ultimately WILL create the happiness and fulfilment they seek.

So that’s why I’m calling you out.

Because if you’re reading this, you ARE one of those people. One who IS prepared to step out of your comfort zone and create ripples of change in the world. You might not realise it yet but one day you will. And I promise to keep telling you the same thing over and over until you ultimately choose yourself.

Until you choose YOUR SOUL.

Its all down to you

Ain’t nobody else gonna make that decision for you, but I sure as hell will keep on knocking on your door like a cheesy sales woman until you wake up and decide you ARE worthy and ready to claim EVERYTHING that you see inside of you. Because darlin’, the world needs that amazing juju that resides at the very core of you. Guess what – it needs it now more than ever. And you know that you need it too. We ALL do.

So quit messing around and start making decisions that SERVE you. Say YES to your SOUL.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa x