The ground is continuously shifting under your feet. The goalposts are moving. What was proclaimed ‘fact’ last week has been reclassified this week, and downplayed or hidden by the media. Agendas are being pushed. Increasing levels of chaos abound. You couldn’t keep up if you tried.

It’s fair to say we’re living in a time where our ability to cope with the pace of change is implausible. We’re experiencing what’s known as ‘future shock’, where dramatic and cumulative events overwhelm our ability to process and adapt, leaving us stunned and confused. Not knowing which way to turn. Overwhelmed.

First of all, it’s OK. Take a breath. We’re all in the same boat.

The world is changing and I understand it’s terrifying – like a rollercoaster that you just wish would STOP RIGHT NOW. But we know that’s highly unlikely to happen. A tipping point has been reached and there is no going back.

What matters now is how we go forward. Take a moment to pause and recognise that this IS within your sphere of influence.

Letting go of control

A few years ago I’d have been completely paralysed and overwhelmed by the current situation. [Sidenote: I was a little bit of a control freak, and liked to have things ‘just so’. An ex-boyfriend once refused to cook with me after I insisted on telling him how to chop onions. Poor guy.]

Yet in 2014 that all changed when I detonated a bomb on my neat, tidy, comfortable existence. I intentionally threw everything out of the window – left my corporate job, my apartment, friends and family, to live in a foreign country, learn a new language and start over from scratch. I didn’t realise that’s what I was doing at the time, but the truth is you never know what lies on the other side when you hurl yourself into the abyss. I had the finances, yes, but beyond that I had no other solid ground. I pulled up anchor and cast off for distant shores, with no clue what lay ahead. And guess what….

I survived.

More than that – I completely reinvented myself, overcame my demons and THRIVED. In the midst of uncertainty, chaos and not knowing what was next. Upon releasing the tight grip I had on life, I learned to trust grace to lead the way. To flow and respond to the here and now. Paying attention to what’s in front of me and taking action accordingly. Dancing in the present moment and allowing the next step to be revealed in exactly the timing that’s required.

A path of discovery

I’m not going to lie – there were some pretty rough lessons I learned along the way, and some magical, unreal experiences too. The more I pushed my fear mind out of the way, the more surreal and mystical my life was. I had found breathwork and in doing so, discovered hidden depths within myself that I didn’t know existed. I became one with life, and in turn life became one with me. After all, there is no separation. We just imagine there is.

I expect you’re wondering how I coped, what was my mindset, what actions did I take etc…..Perhaps you want to know how I came to make sense in a mad world. The truth is I didn’t. You can’t. The world IS mad (or certainly chaotic) and you won’t make sense of it. So stop trying. [And no, I don’t mean give up, read on] The only thing for it, therefore, is to MAKE SENSE OF YOURSELF.

This is the secret to what I did, and I now extend the same invitation to you…

Get to know yourself on a deep level. Let go of the past. Become aware of your thoughts and behaviours. Respect your body and form a relationship with it. Align your life with your soul. Support yourself, and in turn you will be strengthened to support others.

Making sense of yourself is the best antidote to a mad world. It’s the one thing you DO have influence over and you can start right this minute.

Take a breath. And another. Another. Deep into your abdomen. Keep going. This is where the answers lie. This is where transformation happens. One breath at a time. This will reveal that you’re magic too. Everything you need is within you, I promise.

Now it’s your turn to breathe and believe. You’ve got this.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa x