h my love you played the game again.

Shrunk into your shell and forgot who you are.

A giant memory lapse of the magic and majesty that lies within.

Lost to the swirling currents of shame and doubt.

It’s OK. You need not linger there any longer.

Once again you’ve recognised the trap and begun to climb out.

A binding of your own choosing, based upon the false premise that within powerlessness lies safety.

Dimming your light to avoid potential threat from others is like slitting your own throat.

Dialling down your magnificence to sidestep the discomfort and transformation that ensues in the spotlight.

No more.

The time has come to cast off your childish games and step fully into the fray.

Eyes wide, heart open and full of faith.

You have ventured through the fires of hell to reach this moment.

It’s time to burn the old house down and rise like a phoenix into the new dawn.

Step forward into the deepest dreamings of your heart and soul.

It is time.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo