We are not going to create a better world by sticking with our crumbling capitalist economies which rely on destruction and extraction to create value. 

This is the old way. Being at war. Beating the competition. Getting an ‘edge’. Business rivalry. 

Human destructiveness at it’s core. Driven by fear and scarcity. Domination and control. 

There is another way, and the sooner we recognise this, the better our chances of reversing the destruction we have already caused to each other and the planet. 

There is already enough to go around. The problem is distribution. For all the benefits capitalism brings, it creates huge inequalities and suffering. A few doing well at the cost of those at the bottom of the chain. We are particularly guilty of ignoring this fact in the West. We want our smart phones and high fashion but don’t want to face the fact that child labour and rainforest destruction are enabling it. Enabling us. To be less loving and more selfish. As long as we get what we want we are willing to turn a blind eye, and not face the reality which our actions contribute to. This is caused by our desire to avoid self responsibility at all costs.

Whilst we perpetuate business models and the attitude of competition over collaboration we will eat ourselves into oblivion.

All successful species are co-operative in their nature. They help each other to survive. Humans have  become so disconnected from our ecosystem we risk losing touch completely, and ultimately destroying the resources which sustain us and life as we know it. 

As you might be aware I’m starting a new business venture which aims to prevent stress in the workplace, rather than dealing with the fall out when it inevitably occurs. I could make it a very lucrative ‘for profit’ business, or sell the IP to the highest bidder for their competitive advantage. 

But I’m not going to. I’m not playing that kind of game.

I’m here to change the game. 

Hence we are adopting some kind of non-profit model so that the entire world can benefit from the framework and technology we have created. So it can be a positive impact on our workplace culture, communities and humanity.

This is the new paradigm of business leadership in my opinion.

The divide and conquer collection was so last season darling.

​It’s time to break the mould with our new upcoming collaborations. You haven’t seen anything like it, but when you do, you’ll definitely want one. Lucky for you it’s not going to be limited addition, the more the merrier! Get in touch if you’d love to know more.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo

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