It’s a great question and one I find incredibly difficult to answer. There are so many things I can do that it’s difficult to pin it down.

Speaking to a good friend today I asked her the question – she told me I listen and understand what’s not being said and help resolve what the underlying problem is.

So apparently I’m a listener. I’ve also been told a guide, support, mentor and magical being. All and none of these are true. Short story is that I am just me. All of me. And that gives you permission to be all of you.

The quirky, messy, ugly, loud, beautiful, expressive, joyful, loving, raw authentic emotional human being that you are when we strip it all back. Let’s be honest, we spend our whole life wearing a mask without realising that at any moment you can choose to take it off. It’s only when someone else does it that we become conscious that we’re even wearing one in the first place.

In that moment your world changes.

This is what I do. I help you uncover your true authentic self and bring it to the world. It looks different every time because humans are as unique as fingerprints. What the journey looks like for one person is likely to be wildly different from another.

I work with everything you can imagine (and probably more) including PTSD, anxiety, depression, physical illness, trauma, stress, burnout and any other mental and emotional flavour you can think of. Not just people with challenges to overcome, but also people who are thriving and want to go to the next level in their life.

I’m quiet about what I do because I hate marketing. But hey, if I don’t tell you what I’m offering, then I can’t actually support you. The irony!

If you’re interested to learn more there are a few ways to work with me currently.

STRONG SPIRIT – Breathwork Support Group & Membership
LIFE ALIGNMENT – 7 Sessions 1:1 to align all areas of your life
LIBERATION – 3 months 1:1 intensive

If you feel the call, I’d love to invite you into my magical world.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.
Philippa xo