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What does it mean and why does it matter?

I came across a LinkedIn post today about the recent horrific events pertaining to a young woman who recently lost her life at the hands of an alleged male murderer. This is the type of news that nobody wishes into existence.

However the tone of the post and subsequent comments left me even more concerned and alarmed. It was a full blown rant at men and signed off with “Men, do better”. The comments section was then a battle ground, where some seemingly well intentioned men were asking questions and being told to ‘educate themselves’.

I’m not here men or women bashing. This is the whole point. We must all ‘do better’.
Why do we live in a violent society? Because as a human race we have experienced horrendous amounts of violence and denigration – to both sexes. Think war, famine, conflict, the list goes on. Yes men are physically larger and stronger, and hence capable of harm to others. 

However if you give anybody a weapon they care capable of inflicting damage.

Just because you don’t have a knife in your hand on social media, doesn’t mean you’re not inflicting the same level of damage.

We must all ‘do better’.

Hence are you processing or projecting your unhealed trauma? Society is made up of individuals, whom each have the responsibility to do their share of the work. That includes doing their own trauma work.

You don’t have any I hear you say? If you’re a human living in a body then I hate to break the news to you, but that is utter BS. The entire human race is traumatised, it’s just that we are like a fish that doesn’t know what water is, because it’s something we are born into. We don’t know any different.

If we are not aware of our trauma (which isn’t the type that might historically be associated with ‘big T’ trauma) then the chances are we are projecting it out onto the world.

When we do this – we create more pain and suffering – for ourselves and those on the receiving end. Rather than take the opportunity to resolve the pattern and heal it, we perpetuate it and pass it down the generational line. Yes – think your children, family and anyone else you deal with day to day.

Trauma in essence is an unresolved experience. It is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, which may result in feelings of helplessness, and reduce our ability to feel a full range of emotions and experiences.

Trauma and beliefs also go hand in hand. If you’ve had a negative experience with {insert x) then you will likely develop a belief about that situation / person and carry it around with you for the rest of your life – for better or worse.

When we carry it, we have a tendency to spill it out everywhere we go. The saying goes that ‘If you don’t heal what hurt you, you’ll bleed on the people who didn’t cut you’. This is why our focus must be directed at what we can do within ourselves, rather than creating more pain and division by our unconscious actions.

Why is healing your trauma so important? Simply this.

So you can stop living as a victim and take control of your life. So you may become empowered, and ultimately so you can thrive!

Your mind is the most powerful tool for creation you have – full stop. What you perceive becomes your reality. So if you see threat and violence, all around you then guess is what you are going to create? I’m not writing this to shame anybody. Unfortunate things happen. This is, I believe ultimately because we have become disconnected from love – which is the source of our humanity.

Our societies and cultures and dysfunctional. They have been this way for millennia. Blaming someone else is not going to bring about change. Only you can do that, from the inside out.
The only way out is through. Through the feelings, through the pain, through the suffering. When we make the courageous choice to alchemise our suffering and turn it into gold, we become the victors in our life and we inspire others around us to choose what is right – and be the embodiment of love.

Take back your power. Go within. This is where we heal ourselves and the planet.

Projecting your pain and drama outwards is damaging, divisive and further perpetuates the cycle of violence.

Ultimately, blaming someone else won’t give you the freedom you desire. Only you can do that. If you want to create real change?

Utilise the momentum that your outrage has triggered. It is a powerful invitation to look deeper within.

Heal your trauma and see your (& our) world radically transform before your eyes.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.


If you would like some support please reach out.



The continual drive and obsession for growth,  expansion and succeeding at all costs is literally killing women. The need to be permanently switched on and going at full speed is exhausting and unnecessary.  It is draining our life force away. Women are not designed this way, and our societies dominant masculine energy is the problem. 

No woman would purposefully design a modern world like this, yet we have been conditioned by it. We think it’s the norm, and because it doesn’t work for us – we believe that somehow WE are the ones who are flawed. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

The difference is this. Men have seasons throughout their life. Women have seasons every.single.month.

Until relatively recently this was an alien concept to me. For most or my life I have been disconnected from my month cycle.  Only now I am beginning to discover the changes that I experience within myself over the course of a month. If this is a new concept to you, you’re not alone. There’s a whole new world waiting to be discovered when you pay attention.  Cycles and rhythms play out internally – yet they are subtle. In order to know them you must pay attention.  Women for the most part have become numb to the life that is happening within their bodies. There is no space for feeling and emotions in the hyper masculine culture. It doesn’t exist. Which means, we don’t exist. Let that sink in. If a woman cannot be all of whom she is, do we really have a culture? No, we have a prison. And one I might add, of our own doing. This isn’t about blame, it’s about awareness.

So get this. Every month, the women in your life go through four seasons.


Every single month on repeat. The energy rises, the green shoots spark. The summer heat and beauty comes. The autumn leaves turn and then the cold wind sends us huddling under blankets for warmth and rest.

Every single month. Over and over. A constant change to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual landscape. 

If you wonder why women are so complex, here’s why. If you’re a woman and you’re wondering why for the life of you, you can’t figure your shit out, here’s why. There’s nothing wrong with you. Chances are you’re just disconnected from what is. Your true nature.

We need to slow down. We need to stop. Smell the roses. Plait our hair. Dance and sing. Those are the things that make our spirit soar. You know when you’re in the company of a woman who is deeply connected to herself.  Her presence is enchanting.

This is what we deeply need to do our work. Space to be women. We are not men. We do NOT thrive in a hyper masculine environment.  

Likewise if you’re a man and you’re stuck in your hyper masculine with no connection to your feminine essence, you are guaranteed to burn out. Sooner or later life will crack you open and demand that you stop. I’d recommend making that decision before it’s forced upon you. Once you open  up to your emotions,  not only will you find true connection and fulfilment, you’ll also understand the female of the species a whole lot better.

We don’t want to be men. That’s your job. Please help us to create the space for us to do ours (and yes that might include crying,  that’s part of the role ;)).

Thanks in advance.


Breathe the change you wish to see in the world. 

Philippa xo

Reach out if you’d like to know more about my 1:1 offerings.



Beginners Breathwork – Claim the life that’s waiting for you!
26th March – 6pm UK time

There is no dress rehearsal.

Do you want to come to the end of it wishing you did things differently, took more risks and really went for it?

Or do you actually want to DO THAT. To actually claim and create the life you see inside of you?

The decision is yours!

But if you’re anything like 99% of the population you have – DOUBT, FEAR, UNCERTAINTY playing out in every moment, keeping you paralysed and procrastinating on what do to next.

Beliefs, conditioning and poor habits are likely keeping you stuck in negative loops where you just can’t seem to switch gears and start moving. Every time you begin you quickly become disheartened and fall into old ways of thinking and doing. This is what the fear mind does. It will keep you perpetually stuck.

So what’s the solution?


Identifying and feeling through the emotional baggage holding you back will set you free. Release, release, release the old, outdated and worn programming keeping you stuck and master your emotional state for life!

Everything you want / need to change your destiny is WITHIN you already. It’s just a matter of accessing it.

This is what I’m going to share with you in this 2 hour workshop. Everything you need to know about breathwork to take into your day to day life to have massive shifts in your world – for the better! The things you long and dream of creating, They are possible. And they’re only a breath away.

Not only that but you’ll experience a deep dive guided session where we will release those pesky limiting beliefs and recode your subconscious mind with amazing positive stuff! It really is like magic and I can’t wait for you to experience it.

I haven’t done one of these workshops in a while and I was inspired by a friends recent post to support children in her local village in Africa (see below). I’ll be giving 50% of the proceeds of this session to provide school books etc so the children can continue their education via Lorna Matewere.

So not only will you be changing your life, you’ll be supporting others to change their lives too.  How cool is that?

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo

​What are you waiting for?

Beginners Breathwork – Claim the life that’s waiting for you!
26th March – 6pm UK time



But is that really true?

What are you getting out of bed for every day? What are you doing with your time? What are you giving to and for?

Is it the money? If you’re really honest with yours IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY. And that’s not a bad thing. After all,  money provides basic necessities like food, shelter, and ultimately it gives you more freedom and choice.

But if it’s ALL about the money, then Houston, we have a problem. Because,  dear friend it means your heart is not in it. It never was and it never will be. So if it’s about the money,  be honest about it. Own it. Keep doing what you’re doing. Carry on…

If you’re reading this then the chances are you don’t care about the money but you’d like to. Because it would enable you to help more people and support yourself in the process. Again that is a good thing!

Lets get clear, money gives you options. It’s a resource. It is neutral so we give it the meaning we have identified in our heads. If you think rich people are assholes, guess what, money will be unattractive you and you’ll unconsciously sabotage your receiving of it. Our beliefs create our reality.

So if you don’t care about the money, what do you really care about? You should find a way of doing that, and make the money bit work for you  when you’re doing something good and giving from your heart, life will find a way to support you. That’s how it works 😉

You’re seeking a feeling. Safety. Security. Certainty. Peace. Empowerment. Freedom. All the money in the world won’t actually give you any of that. Only you can. And you can so starting right now. Then watch how everything else falls into place.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world. 

​Philippa xo 



It’s a great question and one I find incredibly difficult to answer. There are so many things I can do that it’s difficult to pin it down.

Speaking to a good friend today I asked her the question – she told me I listen and understand what’s not being said and help resolve what the underlying problem is.

So apparently I’m a listener. I’ve also been told a guide, support, mentor and magical being. All and none of these are true. Short story is that I am just me. All of me. And that gives you permission to be all of you.

The quirky, messy, ugly, loud, beautiful, expressive, joyful, loving, raw authentic emotional human being that you are when we strip it all back. Let’s be honest, we spend our whole life wearing a mask without realising that at any moment you can choose to take it off. It’s only when someone else does it that we become conscious that we’re even wearing one in the first place.

In that moment your world changes.

This is what I do. I help you uncover your true authentic self and bring it to the world. It looks different every time because humans are as unique as fingerprints. What the journey looks like for one person is likely to be wildly different from another.

I work with everything you can imagine (and probably more) including PTSD, anxiety, depression, physical illness, trauma, stress, burnout and any other mental and emotional flavour you can think of. Not just people with challenges to overcome, but also people who are thriving and want to go to the next level in their life.

I’m quiet about what I do because I hate marketing. But hey, if I don’t tell you what I’m offering, then I can’t actually support you. The irony!

If you’re interested to learn more there are a few ways to work with me currently.

STRONG SPIRIT – Breathwork Support Group & Membership
LIFE ALIGNMENT – 7 Sessions 1:1 to align all areas of your life
LIBERATION – 3 months 1:1 intensive

If you feel the call, I’d love to invite you into my magical world.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.
Philippa xo



And I’m not alone.

Most of the human population feel the same way, they just don’t know it. We live in a world built on fakery, façade and ego. None of it is real. Virtually none of it is true, and certainly not loving. 

This is why we are petrified. We are so far removed from the truth that to get even a glimpse of it shakes us to our bones. 

The thought of dropping all our defences, of being the full expression of love that we are, is akin to a dream where you go to school naked. We have all had that one. You feel completely exposed, vulnerable and raw. Much like our true nature – pure and innocent. 

I don’t blame or judge myself or us. We are dealing with the conditioning that we came into. Wars, conflict, emotional suppression, division, famine, abuse and all manner of destructive inversions. We are doing our best to survive in a chaotic painful world.

I’m beginning to ask the question of how things can be different. How can we be our true selves? How can we sit with our vulnerability and not dissolve into an overwhelmed mess when we open the door to show who we truly are?

Or is that the point? 

Perhaps all of these walls we have built are meant to come crumbling down. The destruction is supposed to crack us open to reveal the treasure inside. 

There is goodness inside of you. This much I know is true. It’s time to let it come out.

You do however have free will, as do I. 

By choosing to be your true self your world will change undeniably, and you might perceive that as a threat. The reality is that whatever is false will drop away. It is likely to be painful, emotional and challenging. This is why I’m terrified. 

I know what it means and my human self wants to resist feeling. ANYTHING BUT FEELING. Deep down however, I know that through feeling lies true freedom. Being 100% my true, loving self is freedom. Is peace. Is fulfilment, joy and happiness. This is my desired destination. 

The true self wears its heart on its sleeve. It is transparent, loving and kind. It takes action. It celebrates. It does what is right, not what is easy. It lives in honesty and integrity. It loves and cares. It reveals, collaborates and honours life. It dances and shakes. Ultimately it loves, but not as humans currently know love. 

That’s why I’m terrified of being my true self. Perhaps you are too?

Because when I love, so totally and freely, when I put myself out in the world for everyone to see and feel, what is going to happen?

Will I be rejected? Judged? Criticised? Humiliated? 

Will I be laughed at? Outcast? Ridiculed? Ignored?

The truth is, probably all of those things and more. Because humans don’t know real love. They think they do (I thought I did) but we don’t. This false matrix does not promote love, it inverts and corrupts it. This is why being it is so scary. We don’t know what might happen.

Yet it’s not a valid reason to shy away and hide yourself. What is more painful, not being your true self, or the fear of what others might think if you do?

Fear shouldn’t be the reason not to act. That is cowardice. 

Courage takes heart. It requires love. To love beyond the fear and limitation, and to dare to be all of you. In every moment. Starting right now. 

It’s not going to be an easy ride, there are bound to be bumps in the road. But it’s the open road to freedom I’m choosing to drive, and not the fear bound dead end society is headed down. 

I’m willing to be terrified and do it anyway. How about you?


Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo

If you’re ready to feel the fear and do it anyway ask me about my 1:1 Journey – LIBERATION



Sitting in procrastination is not easy. If you’re stubborn like me, you’ll probably distract yourself soooo good, until you’re literally at breaking point, where you FINALLY reach the point of no return…..


And whoosh, as if by magic things start to miraculous flow again. Truth is they never stopped,  you just decided like a petulant child with a point to prove (or a stubborn ego…) to kink the hose and back up the system of your divine expression. 

Not once, but multiple times in my lifetime I have done this. Over and over again.

The biggest challenge in my life?


The biggest blessing in my life?


The biggest supporter in my life?


There comes a point when I can’t do it any more, when I want to drop to my knees and give up. Why is this so hard, why can’t I be like other people. What must I ‘do’ to get ‘there’.

Often after throwing a hissy fit of frustration, I drop into silence. I breathe. I pray. God please help me with [insert x]. 

Inhale. Exhale. A few more times. The feeling rises and falls. The channel is clear. I know what I must do, even if it is scary.

So next time you’re feeling the pressure and don’t know which way to turn….

Close your eyes.
Ask your question. 
Offer it up.
Sit in the silence to receive the answer.

Then ACT.

Else otherwise,  what’s the point in switching on the flow if you’re not going to water the garden of your abundance?


Breathe the change you wish to see in the world. 


P.S. If you’re ready to switch on your fountain message me about MY 1:1 journey – LIBERATION



I’ve bitten my lip twice in two days. As it just happened again eating breakfast I paused and noticed. It was painful yes, but more than that it was a sign. Literally. Stop biting your lip! It hurts!

Truth is – it does hurt. If you don’t share what’s on your mind it will rot you from the inside out. Slowly but surely, it will eat you alive.

It’s no surprise we hold back. Culturally we have been conditioned to – particularly in the UK. Don’t rock the boat, keep the peace, be nice. All that nonsense. But more than that, we now have cancel culture – where saying something remotely different, or which is interpreted in certain way – automatically turns you into a monster and hunted out of the village with pitchforks… quite literally.

I’ve dabbled with saying what I really think. If you’ve read my writing or seen my videos you probably think I’m quite astute at it. But what if I told you that’s probably 50% of what I think. I’m making that number up but the truth is, even at this point, I’m still not fully unfiltered and raw in sharing my honest thoughts. Why? Good question. The number one thing that stops us all. Fear. 

Fear of rejection, being cancelled, being outcast, thought of as crazy, upsetting someone, fear of attack, abandonment, reputational damage, losing friends/family, losing credibility, wanting to keep the peace, fear of confrontation…the list goes on. 

What it boils down to is the fear of death – specifically ego death.

I can’t say that because….

They will be upset if….

Just keep it to yourself….

That’s how the story goes. Keep schtum and you’ll be safe. And guess what, the ego likes safety. Loves it! Yet this illusion of safety is eventually what will lead to our downfall. The lack of capacity that the ego (or controlling mind) has to adapt and change. If it had it’s way, everything would be the same and we’d all live happily ever after.

Not going to happen. Wake up.

The tight grip the ego has on us is what is going to lead to our downfall. If we cannot move beyond it, we will deliver our own extinction. Fact. There is no denying that the human race and our planet is in a time of crisis. Go ahead and bury your head in the sand if you like, but the reality is not going away. We are destroying our own habitat, the one we need for our very survival. We have broken systems that we pretend are healthy, which are killing our people and environment. This is the truth. And you biting your lip does nothing to change this fact. 

Opening your mouth and saying what you really think, might however.

All those fears? They are illusions. Merely thoughts that come and go, which we can choose to believe or not. It’s up to us.

Sitting gazing at our navels whilst Rome burns is not the answer. Speaking up and taking action for what you believe is right, is. 

Leadership is not easy. Whoever said it should be?

True leadership takes courage. It takes grit, determination and the desire for a better future. 

It takes standing up and saying what you think even if it’s in opposition to everyone in the room. 

It is questioning the narrative when 99.9999% of the population believes it.  
It means going against the grain, pissing people off, being judged, ridiculed and laughed at.

It’s being prepared to lose everything you have to stand up for what you truly believe in. 

Leadership is the path of the warrior – who is fighting for LIFE.

A better life for all. One where we can thrive and prosper in harmony. 

As you know, we are far from this place. The disparities across the globe are great, and the distribution of wealth is piled at the top. Our world is not a just place, and you biting your lip is not going to change that fact. 

Saying what you truly believe in however, might.

If you move your personal desires aside for a moment, what deeply matters to you? Pause for a moment and take a breath. If you were alone on a desert island what would you miss most? What is important to you? What fires you?

There is a desire within all of us for a happy healthy life. Where we live in harmony with others and there’s enough to go around. It’s mainly the media marketing machine that has us in the West believe otherwise. It’s all a facade. When you peel it back, every human seeks connection, love and security. 

Again the ego is scared of these things. They are risky because we’ve been led to believe that there’s not enough to go around. If we believe that thought then we hoard and stockpile, believing we must fight to survive. Let’s be clear – there is enough food to go around. There is enough money. However it’s not the amounts – it is the distribution that’s the problem. It’s all hoarded and stockpiled by the people at the top. The tech billionaires, secret societies, and high level elite that run the world. Don’t believe me? Take a look around. Where is the money flowing to? Straight to the top with a little bit of a trickle for the little man at the bottom, just enough to keep him working and in check – secure and unquestioning. Running along on the hamster wheel, just getting by and being thankful for the opportunity. 

If you thought slavery was abolished in the 1800’s think again. It just changed forms. Mortgages and fancy cars are the invisible shackles that keep the human race enslaved, and moreover, jubilantly happy about it! 

We do not live in a free society. Welcome to the Truman Show.

It takes immense courage to think and speak differently in a world which is enslaved to a narrative. 

Does that mean you shouldn’t do it? Hell no. 

It’s exactly why the world demands that you do it!

If we keep believing the same script, we will keep marching over the edge of the cliff to our ultimate death. One by one, following the person in front, our life force will be extinguished and it will be too late to do anything about it. Blindly following along, failing to question or think for yourself will have detrimental consequences for you and the rest of us. 

If someone is beginning to question, to raise their voice in opposition – I beg you to get curious and remain open. Contemplate:

Why does this person think that? What other meaning could it have? How might this apply to me?

Defensiveness is a protection mechanism of ego. It will shut down your capacity to objectively consider the world. 

Ignorance is bliss…until it isn’t.

We cannot go on pretending that things will go back to normal. It’s not happening. We are standing on the precipice of a new way of being, literally. It is a painful and necessary process in the evolution of humanity. You can either resist it or pick up tools and get involved as an active component. It’s your choice. 

Will you walk blindly over the cliff?

Or are you prepared to stand up, break ranks and lead in a different direction – even if you’re totally on your own?

That is leadership.

If you’ve read this far, that is what you’re here to do. 

Changing entire structures and cultures is no easy task. That’s why it’s going to take hundreds, thousands, millions, and billions of people to collectively turn the ship. One person at a time, right where they are now. Right where you are now. 

Perhaps the task feels overwhelming, but please rest assured there are many others who wish to right the ship and sail for better horizons. It’s simply a matter of finding them – and the easiest way to do that is stand up and share your truth. Stop biting your lip and saying what you really mean because that’s the only way they’ll be able to hear you and follow your lead. 

After all, you’re the leader you’ve been waiting for. 

The dust on your forehead is the crown you’ve been searching for your whole damn life.

Now straighten up, get on your soap box and speak as if millions of people all over the world are listening – because they are.


Breathe the change you wish to see in the world. 

Philippa xo



EXPANSION – 8 Weeks – Align to the NEXT LEVEL YOU! 

For those who are ready for a life of true alignment and expansion beyond their wildest dreams!

I’m so excited to bring this brand new programme to you, combining all the top modalities and teachings I’ve experienced over the last 10 years. The ones that work and ACTUALLY help you make the changes you want in your life!

Are you ready to stop saying ‘one day I will’ and get on and actually press play and create the amazing version of YOU that you KNOW has always been inside? The YOU that is ready to come to the stage and give the performance of his or her life? The one waiting in the wings, wishing you (or rather your ego) would move aside so they could shine their light and do the work they are here to do in the world? The brilliant, dazzling version of you, that perhaps is a distant memory, the one you catch a glance of in the mirror out of the corner of your eye? The magical being that exists within you, but just can’t seem to find a way to the surface? The you that has always been here, waiting for the right time and place to come alive again, or even for the first time.

I see the you – the one inside. It’s time to bring that you OUT. I know it’s there because I was once you – scared of my own potential and power – worried about rocking the boat – fearful standing up for what I truly believe – and resistant to making the changes I needed to bring my incredible potential to life.

We all have it – this potential. Yet all too often it gets squashed along the way, as children we are told, don’t dream to big, be realistic, get a proper job etc etc. I bought into the story too. We all did. But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a secret door within you which will take you to a totally different dimension – one where all of you gets to come out and play. Just like it should.

That door is your breath. It is the secret portal you’ve been looking for – hidden from plain sight – and yet it has always been at the edges of your awareness – calling you home.  Calling you to alignment. Calling you to greatness. Yet the outside world has been very loud for very long, so it’s near impossible to hear the whisper. But you just did. That’s why you’re here, and that’s why you’re reading this. Everything comes together in perfect timing. That’s the beauty of the breath – it knows perfect timing – and it knows you intimately – and it’s here to reveal it’s gifts to you. Are you ready to receive the keys to the kingdom and set yourself free?

Now is the time. This is the moment. There is no other. Your destiny awaits. Your life is calling you forward.

No, not the life you’ve lived up until now – the small, contracted and ‘hide my light under a bushel’ type. You can forget all of that. It was just the warm up baby! The life that’s calling is the one you know you should be living. The one that feels so effortless and aligned that you can’t quite believe it’s yours – that you ACTUALLY get to live it! A life that feels in flow, purposeful and expansive. Imagine that all of the beliefs about who you ‘should’ be and what life ‘should’ be like just disintegrated in a second and the whole of infinity opened up before your very eyes. You see and truly understand that anything is possible, and that you actually get to create what you want and to live life fully switched ON! Full power! The realisation that you are the master of your destiny, and that your stories are just that, stories, that can be released and new BETTER ones created in their wake. Just imagine being in this place – where anything is possible.

Take a breath.
Here. It’s right here. Right now.
Everything is possible.
Yes, let me repeat.

Don’t believe me? Look around. How did this all happen? Is there someone, somewhere doing what you want to do? 100% yes. Is there this internet thingy that can connect you with someone on the other side of the world for a dinner date? Yep. Are there a million needs that require a solution?

You bet. It’s just a belief away. Everything is possible.

In this space there is life – expansion – freedom and unlimited potential. When did you forget to dream? It’s a slow creep, but it gets to most people in the end. The very good news is that there’s a way to change the game and turn your life completely around.

I say this because it’s true, as this has been my life path. A few years ago I left my highly
successful corporate career to seek meaning and purpose. I had no clue where to start, but I knew I needed to tear everything down and completely start over from scratch. I quit my high flying career and moved to Brazil. No plans, no nothing. Free falling into the unknown.

During those years it became evident how deeply conditioned my psyche had become to what the world deems is ‘acceptable’ or successful or ‘meaningful’. The more I dug in, the clearer It became that I was living someone else’s life, based on societal measures of success. Climb the ladder, get the accolades, earn the money etc. These were all well and good, I am grateful for the rich experience I had on this part of my journey. However there was still a sense of emptiness which I felt that could not be satisfied, no matter how many fancy dinners or exotic holidays I took.

The problem was – my soul was hungry. It was hungry for meaning. And everything around me felt so meaningless. Trivial. Trite even. It just felt so dull and boring, like this wasn’t meant to be how I lived my life. Surely there was more?!

I jumped off the metaphorical cliff six years ago, and lo and behold I was caught. It’s been a wildly fulfilling journey ever since. One which I would give my life over again for. Because in that moment of blind faith and desperation, I found what I can only describe as my true self. The self that had been covered over by rubble, left for dead and written out of the story. The one that was choking on the dust, making do with scraps and hoping there was light at the end of the tunnel (read 20 years of happy retirement after working myself / my soul to the bone). It wasn’t going to be my story as it turns out because my soul had other ideas. It had an escape plan!

The escape plan was canny! Make me so uncomfortable that I had to move! By any means
necessary. Squeeze me to the point of breaking. It was pretty intense. The good news again, is that it doesn’t need to be. Well, not if you take notice and listen to what I’m saying.

The soul whispers. It doesn’t shout.

If you’re not paying attention you’ll likely miss what it has to say. Let me tell you, that’s not a good idea. Because ultimately life wants us to evolve and grow – to expand. If you’re not playing along, you will be knocked for six and caught out when the lesson comes. And it will come. Perhaps you’re OK living an OK life. You’re getting by, having enough of most things. Having some free time, and plodding along. Nothing wrong with that!

But perhaps you’re not. If you’re reading this far, I suggest you might be sick and tired of the lack of meaning and purpose in your life.

Your soul is like a nagging child in the backseat of the car on a road trip, continually asking ‘are we nearly there’ as a reminder that you’re still not living life ON YOUR TERMS.  You may know what those terms are, you might not. That’s how deep the conditioning goes, you don’t often know what is your belief or someone else until you begin pulling at the threads of the complex knit of your identity. It’s a challenging place to be. Yet I can promise you that deep down you already have the answers, and the capacity to see the wood for the trees. It does however take a commitment to show up for the task. Nobody else can do it but you.

But guess what….The truth will set you free!

Living in alignment with your values, with your truth, WILL set you free.
This is the only way it can be, by design. Do you think God put humans on the earth to all live from the same playbook? Hell no! You’re as unique as a fingerprint! That’s why you’re amazing! That’s what makes you YOU!

I want to help you remember this, the unique blueprint you have inside. If I can do it, then so can you. But please, save yourself some time and effort. Use the tools and techniques that work and get results. Don’t go giving your power away to something outside of you. Again, you have the answers. Your breath remember? This is the key. This is the only authority you need.

This is your permission slip, in case you need it. Breathe the change – and you’ll see it reflected in the outside world. I promise you this. This is not a journey for the faint of heart, but if you’ve read this far then I know you have the strength of a lion and a heart of gold.

Now then….Are you ready to show the world what you’re really made of? It’s time for expansion!

Join me for this brand new 8 week intensive programme to radically transform your beliefs, activate your potential and expand your world! I’m so excited to bring these cutting edge tools together in one container, which will allow you to clear out the mental and emotional baggage holding you back and create an unshakeable structure to build your next level brilliant self.

During our time together we’ll work both 121 and in a small group over 8 weeks to shift your whole universe. If you could have a miracle what would it be? Don’t ever stop dreaming, let’s make it happen!

What’s included:

  • 8 x 60 min 1-2-1 Emotional Clearing Sessions which take you through the full Spiral Journey covering the following themes:

Deserving – releasing SHAME & GUILT – increasing SELF-WORTH
Creativity – releasing FEAR & GRIEF – increasing PROACTIVITY
Power – releasing ANGER – increasing SELF CONFIDENCE
Openness – releasing WOUNDS OF THE HEART – increasing LOVE
Expression – releasing LOW SELF-ESTEEM & ANXIETY- increasing EXPRESSION
Vision – releasing OLD VIEWS – increasing CLARITY
Purpose – aligning to your STILLNESS and DIVINITY

  • 8 x 90 min – Group Breathwork Sessions – Mondays 4pm UK time
  • 8 x Guided Breathwork Practice Audios
  • 121 Messenger support from me (text and audio) for the duration of the programme
  • Group Messenger chat on Voxer for the duration of the programme
  • Starting 1st Feb 2021 for 8 weeks


For those who are ready for a life of true alignment and expansion beyond their wildest dreams!

  • Pay In Full by 21st Jan £3,333 (Early bird)
  • Pay in Full by 28th Jan £3,600
  • Or 3 x monthly £1,650
  • 4 spaces only – £1000 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.

If you’re already on your path to alignment and would like to experience something that will
radically shift you to the next level in a short space of time – this is definitely for you. Let’s take you to the top baby – it’s time for Expansion!

Send me an email to apply or book time to chat here.

Note this is a seriously transformational programme, not for the uninitiated. If you’re worried about facing your emotions, your triggers, having difficult conversations or really becoming your true self, this is not for you. If in doubt please get in touch and let’s chat.

What clients have to say:

The best place to start is the beginning of my spiral journey!

I can comfortably say now, that I wasn’t OK! I felt that I was OK and said that I was OK, but reality was, I was struggling!! In all aspects of life!

I started this process at the start of lockdown and with Philippa’s help we have worked our way through a lot of my emotions and fears in life. Some brought on by me but also a lot brought on by the lives we lead and the societies we live in, some of the deep embedded ones came from early child hood that I would never have associated that with.

The Spiral has helped me talk and understand about my fears and emotions, and how they hold us back in life and dictate the path we lead. 

I now feel free and relaxed in all different aspects of my life, giving me more freedom of choice in what I do.”

Craig – UK

If you’re wondering – What is The Spiral Journey?

The Spiral is a powerful process for clearing the emotional baggage and conditioning that stops us from expressing our true authentic selves. The process was founded by Dane Tomas in 2012, and came together after 12 years of experimentation with different maps and models. It combines elements and learnings from Spiral Dynamics, Kinesiology, the Chakra System and The Scale of Consciousness.

Emotional clearing is a tool for finding emotions that are stored in the body and releasing them, whereas The Spiral is a journey that utilises clearing to unlock the emotional blocks for each 7 levels of the chakra system. Once we do that, you are able to step into a whole new level of empowerment around each level. The Spiral functions as a ladder from low levels of consciousness and low vibrational energies to higher levels of consciousness and a higher vibration.

As you start to shed the baggage (that you may have held onto for years), you begin to move through the world in a lighter and easier way. Without your stories dictating what you can and cannot do, there is less resistance and self-sabotage. It becomes easier to live in the present moment, let go of the past, and step into your true authentic self.

You may have tried to create change in the past by changing your thinking (with coaching, affirmations, visualisations, etc) with little or no success. Unlike other processes that focus on removing blocks on a mental level, The Spiral goes into the body’s energy field and releases emotional blocks that are held in the body. As you free up your emotional body, you in turn free up your ability to start living the life you want.

The Spiral is for anyone who feels they have unconscious conditioning or baggage holding them back that they haven’t yet been able to get rid of. Whether struggling in life, or super successful, this work has helped people from all walks of life step into a more empowered and authentic version of themselves. Let go of the negative blueprints from your childhood and start consciously creating the life you want.

By journeying The Spiral you will….

  • Dramatically raise your sense of self worth, life purpose and direction.
  • Open your heart to deeper self love and greater intimacy with others as a result.
  • Step into the courage to fully express your creative and business dreams.
  • Thousands of people have gone through this work and reported life changing effects!


Let’s take you to the next level baby – it’s time for Expansion!

Send me an email to apply or book time to chat here.

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As I sit and reflect what 2020 has been about, one of the key themes for me has been intensity. Earlier today I polished off nearly a whole box of shitty chocolates and as I look down at my dinner, unusually, it’s loaded with flavours and textures I don’t often partake in. All the salty, crunchy indulgent things I haven’t had in quite a while – are all having a party on my plate and my palate. Quite the opposite to the detoxifying ayurvedic diet I’ve been following for the best part of 6 months.

Rather than judge myself as I might have done in the past, I’m curious. What is this telling me? What do I get to learn?

A time for reflection
As I reflect something that comes up strongly is an addiction to intensity, from the strong flavours, to the complete 180 on my diet protocol, I’ve always been someone that alternates between extremes. I pushed the boundaries and sometimes broke them, occasionally with detrimental consequences. Seeking intensity as some kind of reward or feedback for a job well done, or more accurately as rebellion against some effort to control me. A binge and abstain cycle that is certainly not sustainable or healthy.  Well at least I FEEL ALIVE. Can you relate? 

I feel this reflects what’s happening in society too. Oh…and add the layer where intensity covers our sensitivity and distracts us from our pain and the truth. Novocaine for the unhappy, unfulfilled potential of the soul….An interesting and dysfunctional cocktail indeed.

Nonetheless this cycle has taught me plenty, the most important aspect being how to find my centre. Often seeking the extremes are a necessary part of that pendulation process, but I recognise more and more that they do not need to be.  Instead they reveal underlying unconscious patterns that are playing out, which have likely been in existence since childhood. It would make sense therefore that chaos and intensity feel incredibly familiar to me, taken one step further I’d say they actually feel normal – like I’m at home.

It’s perhaps ironic and at the same time completely understandable therefore that I’ve had one of the best years in my business so far – in 2020 – a.k.a. the year of the apocalypse. It turns out that I’ve trained my entire lifetime for this moment – to be the calm in the chaos. You could call it my gift.

Living in the soulful flow
But I think I’m finally done with the intensity and the extreme highs and lows my ego craves to feel somehow satisfied. Instead I’m choosing the middle path, where it gets to be flowing and aligned, and led totally by my soul and trust in the divine. I’m ready to surrender completely to the fires of transformation and be reborn once again, in every moment, to the truth of who I am and how I’m here to serve.

Well… after I finish off the rest of this packet of crisps anyhow.

In and of itself that sounds quite intense, and I guess it is, in it’s own way. Dying over again to claim my sovereignty and freedom is an intensity I can vibe with. If it means offering up my precious ego to live a life that’s totally authentic and true to my soul I’m prepared and willing to make the sacrifice every time.

I’m just deciding that the answer doesn’t need to be found on the other side of a mountain of cheese and ready salted crisps! It was however the necessary vehicle for me to write this.

Everything is connected and revealing itself perfectly. There are no mistakes in life, simply opportunities to learn.

We all get the chance to choose again, over and over, in every moment. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late to be your own hero. ‘Ready’ isn’t a verb – it’s a decision you make when your dreams become bigger than your excuses.

Cheers (cheese lol) to the roller coaster ride of 2020. May your 2021 be expansive and joyful in ways you cannot possibly dream to imagine.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo