This is what it feels like each time I meet face to face with truth.

The cool precise blade that cuts away all that is fake to reveal what lies beneath.





There is no hiding place anymore. 

Everything is revealed and laid bare. 

Raw and vulnerable. Potent. Painful. Real.

It feels like death. 

The truth is that the script was never mine and is being burnt to a cinder and reimagined.

Each and every time.

Frame by frame, deconstruction of what was false.

Waiting in the vacant space for the next revelation of truth.

Of knowing. Of love. Of being. Of faith.

Making space for the epic movie of my purest existence to come to life. 

This is rebirth. This is freedom. 

This I choose every time.


People talk about change like it’s some big baddie from a horror movie that’s out for your blood. The scary, stalking predator that’s waiting to get you when you step around the corner.

Nope. Change is happening all the time. It’s just the changes you ‘don’t’ want that feel like that. Because they trigger your fear. And the reason they are arising? Because your fear NEEDS to be triggered so that it leaves you. So that you can actually live in truth.

There are two ways to embrace change. The easier way and the harder way. Let’s start with the latter.

The hard way (aka kicking and screaming)

Resist, resist, resist! Ignore the change. Fingers in ears, close your eyes. Run away. Pretend it’s not happening. Build an army to protect yourself from it. Distract and numb yourself at every opportunity.

How is that working for you?

Shall we move onto the easier way (notice I didn’t say easy)

Embrace the change. Be open minded. Feel your emotions and release them. Speak openly about the changes and your concerns / fears / worries / worst case scenarios. Engage support from people who have been through something similar. Get a coach. Learn how to identify and resolve your limiting beliefs, behaviours and thoughts.

See the difference here? 

The hard way – be closed and defensive.

The easier way – be open and curious.

It’s not rocket science, but typically humans go into a fear and panic response whenever there is something new on the horizon. Oh hello anxiety!

When you realise that your inner game is what will help you to skilfully navigate a changing world, things in your life will improve dramatically. You’re the one in charge here silly!

It’s like polishing a turd. Not possible. 

You can however roll it in glitter. It might look nice and snazzy, more appealing on the eye. Yet it’s a temporary fix and that sh!t will still stink.

So the question is how do you take away the smell? How do you make it more attractive? (After all going to the bathroom is something you will need to continue to do for the rest of your life….)

Do you reverse engineer the poop and insert it so that it comes out better? Fragrant and perfectly formed? Made of all the best ingredients?

That seems like a lot of work and a pretty dumb idea….. but it’s what we are doing all the time.

No, it’s not the path.

If you want a better result, you change what you eat. Cut out the crap, adjust your diet. Take supplements or herbs that support your digestion to improve in the short term. Eat your fibre and remove the things that cause you gas and bloating. Get some exercise to move your bowels. You get the picture.

The results at the other end are then something hopefully more palatable. 

Notice again I didn’t say easy. 

We will all need to poop for the rest of our lives. We will also need to change. Life requires it of us. 

It’s the resistance to change which is hard. It’s the stories you tell yourself, denied unexpressed emotions and subconscious belief systems that are the cause of your pain. 

When you master your inner game, change will feel like a challenge you WANT to embrace. When you know it starts from within, you’ll trust that you have the tools to deal with any difficulties that come your way. Because fundamentally, that’s how you’ve been designed. To evolve and grow.

Want to reverse engineer your success? Start with your inner game. 

Because change happens from the inside out.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo

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How would the world change if we adopted this philosophy? 

If we cared about our environment, our relationships and nature? If we consciously chose to make things better and adding, instead of taking and making them worse? Degrading or regenerating? 

What would life be like? More or less enjoyable?

How about satisfaction? Would it go up or down?

What about peace? Would it be found? Relished, desired even?

What might be possible if we chose to leave a positive contribution instead? To build each other up. To celebrate. To love?

What would be possible then… I wonder. Do you?

What do you say we find out?

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo

P.S. Breathwork Detox is here!! What would happen if you cleared away the crap holding you back? More…. peace, freedom, choice…perhaps? Are you ready to find out?  Check out upcoming enrolment dates or book a call with me to learn more. 


We are not going to create a better world by sticking with our crumbling capitalist economies which rely on destruction and extraction to create value. 

This is the old way. Being at war. Beating the competition. Getting an ‘edge’. Business rivalry. 

Human destructiveness at it’s core. Driven by fear and scarcity. Domination and control. 

There is another way, and the sooner we recognise this, the better our chances of reversing the destruction we have already caused to each other and the planet. 

There is already enough to go around. The problem is distribution. For all the benefits capitalism brings, it creates huge inequalities and suffering. A few doing well at the cost of those at the bottom of the chain. We are particularly guilty of ignoring this fact in the West. We want our smart phones and high fashion but don’t want to face the fact that child labour and rainforest destruction are enabling it. Enabling us. To be less loving and more selfish. As long as we get what we want we are willing to turn a blind eye, and not face the reality which our actions contribute to. This is caused by our desire to avoid self responsibility at all costs.

Whilst we perpetuate business models and the attitude of competition over collaboration we will eat ourselves into oblivion.

All successful species are co-operative in their nature. They help each other to survive. Humans have  become so disconnected from our ecosystem we risk losing touch completely, and ultimately destroying the resources which sustain us and life as we know it. 

As you might be aware I’m starting a new business venture which aims to prevent stress in the workplace, rather than dealing with the fall out when it inevitably occurs. I could make it a very lucrative ‘for profit’ business, or sell the IP to the highest bidder for their competitive advantage. 

But I’m not going to. I’m not playing that kind of game.

I’m here to change the game. 

Hence we are adopting some kind of non-profit model so that the entire world can benefit from the framework and technology we have created. So it can be a positive impact on our workplace culture, communities and humanity.

This is the new paradigm of business leadership in my opinion.

The divide and conquer collection was so last season darling.

​It’s time to break the mould with our new upcoming collaborations. You haven’t seen anything like it, but when you do, you’ll definitely want one. Lucky for you it’s not going to be limited addition, the more the merrier! Get in touch if you’d love to know more.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo

P.S. Breathwork Detox is here!! What would happen if you cleared away the crap holding you back? More…. peace, freedom, choice…perhaps? Are you ready to find out?  Check out upcoming enrolment dates or book a call with me to learn more. 


A friend and I were having a conversation yesterday about marketing and the concept of identifying and communicating to your ‘ideal client’. If you’re in the coaching space no doubt you’ve come across this a million times. If you’re a rebel freedom loving entrepreneur like me I expect you recoil with horror anytime anyone suggests you should identify yours. Funny enough that’s what happened in the conversation and I raised it there and then. We laughed about it, understanding that we both have the same resistance.

The feeling is something like this….I’ve spent the last 10+ years of my life getting out of the ‘box’ that I and society have put me in. I’ll be damned if I’m going to put myself willingly back in!

Furthermore it’s the feeling that if I ‘niche’ down, I’ll somehow turn certain people off from working with me.

All of this is nonsense but is where the logical mind ends up when left to its own devices. It’s often a quite constricted place bearing no semblance of reality.

The actual fact is that I am the niche. The people that are destined to work with me will, because they will be attracted to my specific energy and message. Perhaps they will relate to some of my journey, or something I share on a specific day. It doesn’t matter. In the same way that the river finds its way to the ocean, your clients / soul family / destined connections will find their way for you. The only condition is that you be open to receiving them.

As for my ‘ideal client’, it is you. If you’re reading this somewhere along the lines you’ve connected with what I’ve got to say. That’s why you’re here now, based on shared resonance. On the outside you probably look quite different to me, but on the inside we are probably more similar than you care to imagine.

I’ve had heartbreak, I’ve had loss, I’ve had challenges. I’ve hidden it all from the world for years and put on a veneer of competency and success. When the cracks started to appear years ago, I had no choice but to attend to them. That decision has led me to who I am now.

When a mentor said a while back ‘you are the niche’ I didn’t quite believe it. The more I release outdated belief systems and lean into trusting a ‘benevolent’ universe, the more proof I am given.

So now I understand that I am the niche. Same goes for you. The people in your life are there for a reason, likewise the experiences you’re having. Are those experiences positive or negative? What are they attempting to show you that you’re ignoring? Where are you being led.

As for who I work with, it’s a diverse range – in terms of age, location, background and experience. However there is a common thread and that is the desire for change. The status quo is not working. Everything they have tried has failed. They feel a sense of stuckness or frustration and know there is more, but they can’t quite put their finger on it. They might be hugely successful but feel dead on the inside. They have ongoing physical illness or pain and know there is a deeper cause that needs to be found. Quite frankly they have ‘had enough’ and reached breaking point, or are near to it.

The pain of staying where they are is greater than the risk of change. It’s quite simple really.


It’s time to break through the BS.

The soul has spoken. —————-

Then, poof.

Welcome to my world 🙂

Who do I LOVE working with? The hopeful, the curious and the truth seekers. The people who are here to make a positive difference across the planet. Those who desire to use their business or resources for good. Those who wish to breathe the change in the world – even if just in their own lives.

Healing never just affects an individual however, as the ripples of change go onto shift the entire ecosystem. This is the positive effect of the interconnectedness of all things. When I heal, you heal. When we heal, so does the planet. You can put me in any niche you like as long as that’s the outcome.

Are you a curious truth seeking change maker? Then I’m here for you when you’re ready.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo

Ready to activate your true potential? Get in touch and let’s chat.


No really, it’s true. There is such a thing. It’s just not very widely known or understood. In fact it’s often derided, judged or feared.

It seems ironic, when most of society is searching for something so desperately to feel better, fill the gap and take the edge off, that the one thing that will help is shunned.

The pill is something you have at your disposal. It doesn’t come from a pharmacy or doctor. It doesn’t even come from being in nature, although that of course helps.

Firstly let’s just look at our culture, especially in the western world. What do the majority of our problems involve? Stress, anxiety, depression, poor physical health, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer….. the list goes on.

If I told you there were cures for all of these things would you believe me? You’d probably say, but Philippa, how could it be so simple? The human body is so complicated, it’s going wrong all the time…. Nobody has found the cure for {x} what makes you think you can just snap your fingers and know the answer?! How arrogant of you!!!

And here I stand willing to bear the title of ‘arrogant’ or ‘wishful thinker’ because my experience has led me to something completely different. That is understanding the SOUL. The medical profession isn’t interested in that, hence why they will struggle to find a cure – because they’re not even investigating the root cause.

The root cause by the way, is emotion. Unresolved emotion to be exact. How do I know this? From the last 7 years experimenting with breathwork and other modalities which have repeatedly led me back to the same lesson – emotion is key to resolving all physical, mental, spiritual, energetic and emotional issues which manifest for us humans.

​I’ve seen it in myself and witnessed it first hand with clients. The majority of us are so numb (hands up this was me a few years ago) to our bodies and our emotions it feels like we don’t experience them. Or we do but it’s some flavour of ‘it’s ok’ or ‘fine’ with the occasional angry outburst that we mistakenly think we are keeping things ‘on a level’.

No, this is numbness.
Emotionally blocked.
Usually also ‘in our heads’.

Mentally overthinking as a result of the unresolved emotional garbage we are holding onto which is trying to find a way to resolution, if only we could actually feel it!

Anxiety. Depression. Stress. Physical Illness.

All a result of the emotions you don’t want to feel. Because they were the uncomfortable emotions in childhood that were overwhelming and painful. So you created a way to survive, stuffing them below the surface where nobody could see. Most of us don’t want to face the reality of our past. We bury it instead, believing it’s the best thing and that it won’t then harm us anymore.

Unfortunately the soul doesn’t work like that. All that pain is still inside, just now you’re numb. Like you’re walking around with a splinter in your body but you’ve also got an anaesthetic drip fed into you which pumps out the numbing agent when you begin to feel any pain. Over and over again. Treating the effect rather than addressing the cause.

How about instead of numbing out, we take the splinter out instead? Wouldn’t that be a better solution? One that actually addressed the cause in the first place. Hmmm.

This means taking the emotions out – and yes you guessed it – by feeling them. They can only leave the same way that they entered. There is no shortcut. No amount of mental gymnastics and positive affirmations will work in the long term. They might distract you from reality in the short term, but they will not resolve the underlying cause.

So if you’ve read this far and are at least open to what I’m saying, your question is probably ‘well, how?”. The answer will both piss you off and set you free – as the truth often does.
The solution is to feel your feelings. All of them. Every single last one. And if you can’t?

Pray to have the courage that you can. Direct your will to resolving your baggage. Desire change. Your kids, family, colleagues, spouse, and particularly your soul will thank you for it.

Most of us have huge blocks to feeling our emotions, and for good reason. Parents punished you for experiencing and expressing them. Society has shunned it, suggesting that feelings are dirty, inappropriate, shameful, disgusting, uncomfortable, weak, irrelevant and undesired. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Your emotions are the key to a healthy and fulfilling life.

All of us are seeking love and connection. How can you expect to experience this if you can’t even feel? You won’t, but you’ll create addictions to fill the gap instead. See anything familiar here?!

Turning away from your emotions is like closing the door on your true self. The one that wants to come out and play. To be real. To connect, and to feel.

Instead, everything you’ve created is just a hollow show for the world to pretend that you’re doing ‘fine’. You’re not. It’s time you were honest about it.

Feeling your emotions is the magic pill to your ills. Do you want it?

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.


​P.S. This is the work I love to do. Breathwork is the fastest way to break through your blocks and find the peace and fulfilment you desire. I have a few spaces to work 1:1 over 3 months – get in touch if you’re curious to know more.


Look around. Notice what’s going on. What we have created as a collective.


​The world we live in is upside down. Don’t show emotion. Don’t say what you think. Keep yourself to yourself. Physically distance yourself to protect yourself (the irony). Connect via internet platforms which encourage and incentivise more fakery and B.S.

Is this a world you want to live in?

I have to say for me that’s a no! Whilst technology has its benefits, we’ve taken it too far.
People have stopped saying what they think for fear of being ‘censored’ or outcast. Random strangers attacking others just for the sake of it, because they believe they are ‘entitled’ to.
The internet has turned into a toxic emotional dumping ground – or perhaps it was from the start? Humans – we need to grow up.

Your emotional trauma should not be dropped on every single person you come into contact with – but that’s exactly what is happening on a day to day basis.

I’m sick of the righteous anger that is projected all over the place. How about instead of spewing all your own unresolved drama onto others you sit your ass down and take a look within – and get real with what’s truly going on.

The truth is…..
You’re scared.
You’re hurt.
You’re upset.
You’re feeling helpless.
You’re feeling [insert your emotional flavour here]

All of this lies underneath the anger and attack. The food addictions, alcohol, drugs, etc is all a way of coping with the sea of emotion that lies beneath the surface, waiting to erupt at any moment.

The layers go like this… Anger
Fear / Terror

None of the things you want to feel – except the first one because it makes you feel powerful. Let’s be honest, nobody really wants to feel anything at the bottom of the list.
But the reality is this is what will set us free and change the negative patterns of a lifetime, and even a collective!

Becoming more emotionally sensitive, not less, is actually the answer. It is the pathway to true freedom and fulfilment. Everything else is a hollow façade, and at some point it will either come crashing down around you with major collateral damage, or you’ll dwindle into a shell of your potential and shut life out completely. I’ve done both so I’m not here to judge!

I’m here to say there is another way. I’m done with the fakery. I’m fed up of the hiding and pretending everything is fine. Look around. Look within. It’s not.

The only way we make positive changes in this world, is by making positive changes within ourselves. Nobody else can do that for you.

It seems we’re always looking for a solution to a problem, which doesn’t directly address the cause of the problem. Until we do so, we are just cutting the top off of a weed and wondering why it keeps growing back. The only way to resolve it is to get to the root cause and remove that. Anything else is band aids for bullet wounds. It might work temporarily but you’ll be bleeding again before too long.

There’s a reason you’re avoiding the pain of the past. It was so intense you didn’t want to face it. The chances are you didn’t have the support to do so. However, this is not an excuse to continue to bleed on the people who didn’t cut you. The only way out is through. I’m sharing this to save you time, energy, effort and disappointment. Believe me I’ve spent years attempting to avoid doing my emotional work (including recent years as a breathwork facilitator – the irony!!) but honestly, it is the ONLY thing that actually heals long term.

Whether you believe me or not, it doesn’t matter. Whether you like this message or not, I don’t care. I’m here to share the truth so that more people can be free of their past and free from the pain and create a life they deserve, on their terms. If that’s you, I’d love to support you.

Everything you want is on the other side of your unresolved emotions (including fear). 

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo


What does it mean and why does it matter?

I came across a LinkedIn post today about the recent horrific events pertaining to a young woman who recently lost her life at the hands of an alleged male murderer. This is the type of news that nobody wishes into existence.

However the tone of the post and subsequent comments left me even more concerned and alarmed. It was a full blown rant at men and signed off with “Men, do better”. The comments section was then a battle ground, where some seemingly well intentioned men were asking questions and being told to ‘educate themselves’.

I’m not here men or women bashing. This is the whole point. We must all ‘do better’.
Why do we live in a violent society? Because as a human race we have experienced horrendous amounts of violence and denigration – to both sexes. Think war, famine, conflict, the list goes on. Yes men are physically larger and stronger, and hence capable of harm to others. 

However if you give anybody a weapon they care capable of inflicting damage.

Just because you don’t have a knife in your hand on social media, doesn’t mean you’re not inflicting the same level of damage.

We must all ‘do better’.

Hence are you processing or projecting your unhealed trauma? Society is made up of individuals, whom each have the responsibility to do their share of the work. That includes doing their own trauma work.

You don’t have any I hear you say? If you’re a human living in a body then I hate to break the news to you, but that is utter BS. The entire human race is traumatised, it’s just that we are like a fish that doesn’t know what water is, because it’s something we are born into. We don’t know any different.

If we are not aware of our trauma (which isn’t the type that might historically be associated with ‘big T’ trauma) then the chances are we are projecting it out onto the world.

When we do this – we create more pain and suffering – for ourselves and those on the receiving end. Rather than take the opportunity to resolve the pattern and heal it, we perpetuate it and pass it down the generational line. Yes – think your children, family and anyone else you deal with day to day.

Trauma in essence is an unresolved experience. It is the response to a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope, which may result in feelings of helplessness, and reduce our ability to feel a full range of emotions and experiences.

Trauma and beliefs also go hand in hand. If you’ve had a negative experience with {insert x) then you will likely develop a belief about that situation / person and carry it around with you for the rest of your life – for better or worse.

When we carry it, we have a tendency to spill it out everywhere we go. The saying goes that ‘If you don’t heal what hurt you, you’ll bleed on the people who didn’t cut you’. This is why our focus must be directed at what we can do within ourselves, rather than creating more pain and division by our unconscious actions.

Why is healing your trauma so important? Simply this.

So you can stop living as a victim and take control of your life. So you may become empowered, and ultimately so you can thrive!

Your mind is the most powerful tool for creation you have – full stop. What you perceive becomes your reality. So if you see threat and violence, all around you then guess is what you are going to create? I’m not writing this to shame anybody. Unfortunate things happen. This is, I believe ultimately because we have become disconnected from love – which is the source of our humanity.

Our societies and cultures and dysfunctional. They have been this way for millennia. Blaming someone else is not going to bring about change. Only you can do that, from the inside out.
The only way out is through. Through the feelings, through the pain, through the suffering. When we make the courageous choice to alchemise our suffering and turn it into gold, we become the victors in our life and we inspire others around us to choose what is right – and be the embodiment of love.

Take back your power. Go within. This is where we heal ourselves and the planet.

Projecting your pain and drama outwards is damaging, divisive and further perpetuates the cycle of violence.

Ultimately, blaming someone else won’t give you the freedom you desire. Only you can do that. If you want to create real change?

Utilise the momentum that your outrage has triggered. It is a powerful invitation to look deeper within.

Heal your trauma and see your (& our) world radically transform before your eyes.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.


If you would like some support please reach out.


The continual drive and obsession for growth,  expansion and succeeding at all costs is literally killing women. The need to be permanently switched on and going at full speed is exhausting and unnecessary.  It is draining our life force away. Women are not designed this way, and our societies dominant masculine energy is the problem. 

No woman would purposefully design a modern world like this, yet we have been conditioned by it. We think it’s the norm, and because it doesn’t work for us – we believe that somehow WE are the ones who are flawed. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

The difference is this. Men have seasons throughout their life. Women have seasons every.single.month.

Until relatively recently this was an alien concept to me. For most or my life I have been disconnected from my month cycle.  Only now I am beginning to discover the changes that I experience within myself over the course of a month. If this is a new concept to you, you’re not alone. There’s a whole new world waiting to be discovered when you pay attention.  Cycles and rhythms play out internally – yet they are subtle. In order to know them you must pay attention.  Women for the most part have become numb to the life that is happening within their bodies. There is no space for feeling and emotions in the hyper masculine culture. It doesn’t exist. Which means, we don’t exist. Let that sink in. If a woman cannot be all of whom she is, do we really have a culture? No, we have a prison. And one I might add, of our own doing. This isn’t about blame, it’s about awareness.

So get this. Every month, the women in your life go through four seasons.


Every single month on repeat. The energy rises, the green shoots spark. The summer heat and beauty comes. The autumn leaves turn and then the cold wind sends us huddling under blankets for warmth and rest.

Every single month. Over and over. A constant change to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual landscape. 

If you wonder why women are so complex, here’s why. If you’re a woman and you’re wondering why for the life of you, you can’t figure your shit out, here’s why. There’s nothing wrong with you. Chances are you’re just disconnected from what is. Your true nature.

We need to slow down. We need to stop. Smell the roses. Plait our hair. Dance and sing. Those are the things that make our spirit soar. You know when you’re in the company of a woman who is deeply connected to herself.  Her presence is enchanting.

This is what we deeply need to do our work. Space to be women. We are not men. We do NOT thrive in a hyper masculine environment.  

Likewise if you’re a man and you’re stuck in your hyper masculine with no connection to your feminine essence, you are guaranteed to burn out. Sooner or later life will crack you open and demand that you stop. I’d recommend making that decision before it’s forced upon you. Once you open  up to your emotions,  not only will you find true connection and fulfilment, you’ll also understand the female of the species a whole lot better.

We don’t want to be men. That’s your job. Please help us to create the space for us to do ours (and yes that might include crying,  that’s part of the role ;)).

Thanks in advance.


Breathe the change you wish to see in the world. 

Philippa xo

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Beginners Breathwork – Claim the life that’s waiting for you!
26th March – 6pm UK time

There is no dress rehearsal.

Do you want to come to the end of it wishing you did things differently, took more risks and really went for it?

Or do you actually want to DO THAT. To actually claim and create the life you see inside of you?

The decision is yours!

But if you’re anything like 99% of the population you have – DOUBT, FEAR, UNCERTAINTY playing out in every moment, keeping you paralysed and procrastinating on what do to next.

Beliefs, conditioning and poor habits are likely keeping you stuck in negative loops where you just can’t seem to switch gears and start moving. Every time you begin you quickly become disheartened and fall into old ways of thinking and doing. This is what the fear mind does. It will keep you perpetually stuck.

So what’s the solution?


Identifying and feeling through the emotional baggage holding you back will set you free. Release, release, release the old, outdated and worn programming keeping you stuck and master your emotional state for life!

Everything you want / need to change your destiny is WITHIN you already. It’s just a matter of accessing it.

This is what I’m going to share with you in this 2 hour workshop. Everything you need to know about breathwork to take into your day to day life to have massive shifts in your world – for the better! The things you long and dream of creating, They are possible. And they’re only a breath away.

Not only that but you’ll experience a deep dive guided session where we will release those pesky limiting beliefs and recode your subconscious mind with amazing positive stuff! It really is like magic and I can’t wait for you to experience it.

I haven’t done one of these workshops in a while and I was inspired by a friends recent post to support children in her local village in Africa (see below). I’ll be giving 50% of the proceeds of this session to provide school books etc so the children can continue their education via Lorna Matewere.

So not only will you be changing your life, you’ll be supporting others to change their lives too.  How cool is that?

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo

​What are you waiting for?

Beginners Breathwork – Claim the life that’s waiting for you!
26th March – 6pm UK time