Beginners Breathwork – Claim the life that’s waiting for you!
26th March – 6pm UK time

There is no dress rehearsal.

Do you want to come to the end of it wishing you did things differently, took more risks and really went for it?

Or do you actually want to DO THAT. To actually claim and create the life you see inside of you?

The decision is yours!

But if you’re anything like 99% of the population you have – DOUBT, FEAR, UNCERTAINTY playing out in every moment, keeping you paralysed and procrastinating on what do to next.

Beliefs, conditioning and poor habits are likely keeping you stuck in negative loops where you just can’t seem to switch gears and start moving. Every time you begin you quickly become disheartened and fall into old ways of thinking and doing. This is what the fear mind does. It will keep you perpetually stuck.

So what’s the solution?


Identifying and feeling through the emotional baggage holding you back will set you free. Release, release, release the old, outdated and worn programming keeping you stuck and master your emotional state for life!

Everything you want / need to change your destiny is WITHIN you already. It’s just a matter of accessing it.

This is what I’m going to share with you in this 2 hour workshop. Everything you need to know about breathwork to take into your day to day life to have massive shifts in your world – for the better! The things you long and dream of creating, They are possible. And they’re only a breath away.

Not only that but you’ll experience a deep dive guided session where we will release those pesky limiting beliefs and recode your subconscious mind with amazing positive stuff! It really is like magic and I can’t wait for you to experience it.

I haven’t done one of these workshops in a while and I was inspired by a friends recent post to support children in her local village in Africa (see below). I’ll be giving 50% of the proceeds of this session to provide school books etc so the children can continue their education via Lorna Matewere.

So not only will you be changing your life, you’ll be supporting others to change their lives too.  How cool is that?

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo

​What are you waiting for?

Beginners Breathwork – Claim the life that’s waiting for you!
26th March – 6pm UK time