The human race seems to misguidedly believe that we can find technological solutions to our crisis of mental health, meaning and environmental disaster.

We can’t. 

Can everybody just take a minute and breathe? 

Stop and look around. 

What are the real issues?

Social disconnection.

Emotional numbing and disassociation.


Isolation, suppression and cancellation.

Consumption and ‘capitalising’ on everything. 

Last time I checked money doesn’t buy happiness. It might buy a temporary feeling of safety or help avoid the reasons why most of us are deeply unhappy at the core – but that’s far from real peace and contentment.

Money will not solve the problem of disconnection, numbness and a crisis of meaning. If anything it exacerbates it.

Who am I without wealth, status, assets, business contacts and the material trappings of modern life?

Good question – who are you – really?

In case you hadn’t noticed most of humanity is going through its ‘dark night of the soul’, all at the same time. The trauma and unresolved emotional wounding throughout millennia has begun to bubble to the surface through the cracks initiated through the panini-demic. 

I’ll call it that because everyone was flattened and heated to melting point, and the result was not a glorious grilled wonder of deliciousness, but rather a charred pancake mess of psychosis and confusion.

Welcome to the 2020’s! The age of technology beyond your wildest dreams…..

OK well it seems like we might be waking up a little bit.

The technology is your soul – not the endless reams of code that are running the inter webs and all kinds of institutions that keep us all ‘safe’ that also perpetuate mind control, division and scarcity. 

The technology is your soul. The feelings you have in your gut. Your intuition. Your dreams and visions.

The technology is your heart. When that’s connected, nothing else matters. We follow it no matter what, and do the right thing. 

The technology is you, your logic, feeling and actions all melted into one.

So that brings me back to lunch….

What’s really in the middle of your panini and are you actually utilising it?

Or are you being distracted by countless solutions that will ‘save the world’ which really means save the western world from feeling it’s collective trauma and emotions? 

The forces that influence and control this realm do so with fear.  Fear creates confusion and helplessness or attack. 

If we are to progress, both individually and collectively we must address fear and come back to the heart. This is where human intelligence lies.

Stop making excuses about what you ‘could do’ and actually do it. The world needs your heart, your soul, your voice and your magic. 

You are the technology we have been waiting for. Start acting like it. 


Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo