’ve been pondering this today as I get myself back to the gym.

Let’s take a poll of some of the most important jobs out there.


Doctors? No.

Lawyers? No.


It appears to be a resounding YES. I find this incredibly concerning. What do you think?

How have we built a culture in the UK (and let’s face it – globally) where the people that are nominated to run the country – are compulsive liars?!

In no other profession would this be acceptable, let alone part of the remit.

Why do we allow the people in power, who are supposedly responsible for bringing law and order to our democratic nation (questionable) to lie? And not only a few white lies here and there, but big FAT FIBS and untruths at that.

It’s even called ‘playing politics’! If that doesn’t sum up the theatre show that marauds as government I don’t know what does.

Is it progressive? Is it making our world, country, life a better place? NO. So why do we allow this?

I can think of a few reasons.


We are all lying to ourselves at some level, so we believe that someone else lying also is acceptable.

We don’t feel it’s our job to be involved in making our life /town/world a healthy and functioning place – that is the job of someone else we employ to take on that responsibility for us.

We naively trust those in authority because we have unresolved emotional trauma with our parents and expect those in power to take care of us and hold the misguided belief that they have our best interests at heart.

We disown responsibility for our lives and compromise our values and integrity for the false illusion of safety and security.

Lastly, if we dared to look behind the veil we would be petrified.

We choose fear over love.

Lies over reality.

It’s time we grew up and had the courage to look at the monster under the bed. Only then can we do something about it.

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo