About Breathworks


Empowering you to release negative beliefs, behaviours and repressed emotions so you can create the life, relationships and business you deeply desire.

Founded by Philippa Wilkin in 2015, Breathworks offer coaching and therapeutic breathwork sessions in the UK and internationally, both in person and online.


We exist to empower people all over the world to live happy and fulfilling lives, connected to their purpose. 

Shining their light in the world and utilising the power right under under their nose – breath!


Our mission is to educate, support and inspire people to take control of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health with natural and simple tools including breathwork.

We are here to breathe the change we wish to see in the world.


Change your breath, change your life.

If you were not limited by your past or your mind, what would you love to create?

That’s what I’d love to know. And I would be honoured to help you create it much faster than you can ever imagine.

Let’s connect and I’ll show you the way. If not now, when?

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa xo



  • Breathwork Facilitator
  • Demartini Method® Facilitator
  • Certified Spiral Practitioner

I am a Transformational Leadership Coach and Breathwork Facilitator.

In my previous life I had a successful career working in the financial services sector in London. After more than a decade and a lot of soul searching I realised that my job wasn’t giving me the purpose and passion I’d subconsciously craved. 

I knew deep down that I possessed something greater to bring to the world and decided to take a journey of self discovery and work out what that ‘thing’ was.

So I quit my high flying job and travelled the world for almost 5 years to work out what my purpose was!

I’ve spent financial fortunes and thousands of hours learning all manner of techniques to optimise my life experience and create my reality – releasing limiting beliefs, repressed emotions and persistent physical health symptoms. It has been an amazing and wild ride at times.

One of the most powerful tools I discovered on my journey is conscious connected breathwork. I truly believe that the greatest gift you can give yourself is to experience the magic of the breath for yourself. Often clients ask me what it practising breathwork with is like…. and I give the analogy of eating an apple. It’s best to eat the apple for yourself and then you will really know and understand!

Breathwork is key if you wish to create more happiness, freedom and joy in your life. It will connect you with your power and help you discover your purpose and bring it to life. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity. Breath is one of the most potent tools for self-actualistion and transcending your limitations. Are you ready for something new?

Testimonials from clients I've had the privilege to work with. Enjoy! 

Our Happy Clients!

I’d never heard of breathwork as a practice before and was instantly intrigued. As someone who frequently suffers from anxiety and is easily stressed, I'm always open to alternative therapies that might be able to help.

I found Philippa to be an extremely calming and nurturing person to be around, she made me feel very safe and comfortable. She clearly explained everything we were going to do, and created a relaxing and gentle environment.

Once the session was over I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. I felt a lot more confident about myself, like my voice was a little bit louder and that I had the right to my own opinion.

From my session with Philippa and my time getting to know her as a person, I believe she is truly gifted in the art of healing and transforming people, not by changing them, but allowing them the room to grow and change themselves.

Five minutes with her and you'll feel her spell, she's truly a lovely person and I highly recommend her as a practitioner.

Leah Jane

Prior to experiencing Breathwork I was unsatisfied and quite traumatised by sexual intimacy due to many reasons.

I was always going for the wrong type of man. I seemed to end up in situations which were unsafe, and I know I was partly to blame because of this. I had allowed previous experiences to repeat themselves.

I have always been open to trying different types of therapy – and I have tried many!! I have learnt not to go in with any expectations now as this will hinder the results and your experience.

After the first session with Philippa…at the ripe age of 29… I was able to fully enjoy an intimate relationship with a man. This is due to a number of reasons – I feel safe, he is kind, caring and of course because of the work I have done with Philippa!

Our love life is absolutely amazing and it is getting better. I feel so relaxed, confident and happy – something which I have NEVER felt before in my life.

Sex and relationships play such an important and influential part in our lives, so as a result of now having a great sex life and relationship – I am more confident, relaxed and happy.

Rio de Janeiro