Let’s just say there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in my life that I don’t often share. I feel like that goes for the rest of the population – we’re so busy saving face and attempting to look all pretty and perfect on the outside that we fail to recognise were dying on the inside. A slow and painful death that is the result of not unleashing what we are truly here to do, and who we are really here to be.

Anyway I digress – so back to the headline. I expect you’re literally dying to know what all this is about!

Well these are on my to-do list this week. My personal development journey never stops, I just don’t always publish what I get up to, and maybe you’ll find out if you’re a client of mine, or maybe you won’t. But today I wanted to share this as a recognition that the work takes work. One of my highest values is learning – and I’ll scrape together and integrate all kinds of weird and wonderful practices and insights for the constant improvement in my clients results.

Hence this week 100k months, a fake penis and a call with the wizard in my pocket. And that’s just for starters. Let’s go with the first one – and probably most contentious or triggering. We all have issues with money – and the majority of these stem from lack of self worth and societal conditioning about what money IS and what money MEANS. You know all those beliefs – like rich people are assholes – or that – money doesn’t grow on trees? Well they’re not actually true. Unless you believe them to be true.

So I’m stretching myself with one of my mentors – upgrading my own wealth hardware to bring more abundance in my life – so my clients get to do that too – and the best bit? It’s automatic and by osmosis.

You are the result of the five people you spend the most time with

So I’ll be filling my time and consciousness with the wisdom of someone who has made multiple millions online ONLY from soul and flow. If you want to upgrade your game I suggest you do something similar – whatever the goal – get into the circle or energy of someone who already has it.

Make your life easier, not harder.

Pain is guaranteed in life, suffering is optional. Be smart about where you spend your time and energy because ultimately this is an investment in yourself and you get what you pay for.

The next one – a fake penis. 

A little more left field and potentially more interesting. And for the perverts at the back, I know this is what attracted you to read thus far 😉 I’m currently journeying the archetype of the ‘dark masculine’ which when imbalanced is what typically represents the evil acts that exist in the world. Things such as rape, destruction, and violence are the product of deep pain, grief and sadness. It’s difficult to understand or see this on the surface, but when you look closer and journey deep within yourself, you will understand this is true.

I decided to dive into this exploration to cease externalising my projections onto the masculine (and/or men) so that I can become more whole within myself. In addition understanding men from a different perspective gives me more tools as a facilitator and mentor to journey the deepest places that require love and attention.

So that’s why I’ll be making a fake penis and probably wearing it around the house at some point, so that I have a more embodied awareness of this energy. (yes – it’s this weeks homework….) Now you might think I’m downright crazy, in which case you’d definitely be correct, however I live and breathe what I teach – and I’m prepared to do what others will not – to become more human and understanding of the opposite sex. So that we can create more love and harmony on this planet, instead of separation and destruction.

Perhaps wearing a banana down your pants seems really weird, but I’m in for a penny, in for a pound. Plus – extra fruit for your morning smoothie 😉

Last but not least…the wizard in my pocket. 

Coming back to the first point – be in the energy of the people who are doing/have what you want. I want more money and magic which is what Dane Tomas has. So I decided to join his most recent (not so secret) society to get an upgrade in my consciousness, ability to create my reality and hone my emotional clearing tools. Oh and work on purchasing a house/land outright next year. No pressure then. So I’m looking forward to having this wizard on speed dial.

When the house comes good, I’ll invite you round for some kind of weird shamanic initiation ritual – or maybe just some cheese and wine.

So that’s just the start of my week – not to mention the NLP course I’m studying, the ayurvedic detox I’m starting or the million and one other things going on. Nothing to see here!

What are you doing this week?

I’d love to know!

Breathe the change you wish to see in the world.

Philippa x