Take A Deep Breath


sometimes the world demands that you stop

​​take a few deep breaths

you’re exactly where you need to be

Welcome to Breathworks

We are all searching for something, a new car, the perfect relationship, a promotion, the next new clothing trend. The more we search the less satisfied we become – until one day we wake up and everything just seems wrong. Our life seems out of balance, without purpose, missing something but we dont quite know what. 

We are missing ourselves – the true essence of who we are. It is time to reclaim our sovereignty, and reconnect with our soul. 

We already hold the answers we seek inside of us. Learning to breathe fully and deeply can help you gain more clarity, confidence and connection with yourself and others.

"The best part of getting lost is finding yourself"


​Appointments and programs are available online and in person.


Methods of Treatment


A conscious diaphragmatic breathing technique, combining acupressure and affirmation with healing sound and movement. This gentle, safe method enables you open up the full potential of your breathing system to achieve optimum physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Gradually returning our body to its natural state, breathing freely and deeply, as we did when we were young. From this place you can be more present in your experience and live your life with more freedom, peace and harmony.

The Spiral

The Spiral is a powerful process for clearing the emotional baggage and conditioning that stops you from expressing your true authentic self. The Spiral journey utilises clearing to unlock the emotional blocks for each of the 7 levels of the chakra system. Once complete you are able to step into a whole new level of empowerment in your life. The Spiral functions as a ladder to enable you to move out of low vibrational energies into higher, more expansive states of consciousness.