The nutrition and exercise aspects of our physical existence are the main focus of the modern world we live in, but very little attention is given to breathing.

The human body is remarkably adaptive. We can live for months without food and a week without water, but without breath we can only survive for a few minutes. Yet, we hardly pay any attention to our breath. It’s automatic, so we don’t even think about it.


Breathing is fundamental for life. In simple terms, it provides our body with the oxygen it needs to create energy within our cells and expel waste products. It is vital to our very being and it is our life force. Without breath, we cease to exist.

During times of stress or intense emotion, our mind attempts to protect us by using our breath to control and regulate our emotional state. Unfortunately this process can also lead to our emotions being suppressed and adapting to use different muscles to breathe, instead of our diaphragm.

Our brain often tells our body what to do, with or without our conscious awareness and whether we like it or not.

The quality of our breathing is related to the quality of our life. There is no better way to overcome restrictions and obstacles in your life than by working towards a full unrestricted breath.

It is no surprise that for thousands of years, yoga and meditation teachings have used the breath as a path to mindful relaxed states and greater self-awareness. Having an awareness of your breath will also help you gain clarity and awareness in all aspects of your life.

If you could take a single breath and change your life in the process, would you do it?

NEWSFLASH: The power is already within you. It can be found in your breath and it’s been waiting patiently for you to discover it.

The technique of Transformational Breath ® can help you harness the transformative power of your breath. With this knowledge you will learn how to use your own breath as a powerful healing tool. Read on to learn more!

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Why is breathing biologically important?

Breath is fundamental for life. It provides our body with the vital oxygen it needs to create energy within our cells - to move, live, love, laugh and exist. It allows our body to detoxify waste products...